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一年365天,52个星期,104个周末,我有24个flexi-Friday理论上说不用上班,另外有30天annual holiday: 104+24+30=158 近乎于5个月零一个礼拜都在休息,然后拿12个月的工资……
I definitely feel better now, HAHA
STOP moaning people, go back to your work!!


Posted: February 22, 2009 in 饮食诱惑
第一次吃Lasagna 是和曦曦一起去Glasgow,翻译成中文就是“意大利宽面条”。最近在Kat的Leaving doo上尝到她做的Lasagna,味道真是很不错,所以我也心血来潮做做看,唯一不足就是把这两层皮铺的有点厚以至外皮还有点儿硬,凑合啦~~~


LOL, I have to say after 5yrs being together, am still very exciting every single "Present Time’!!尴尬 Girls just love being treated all the time, its a common gene in our blood, I believe so.吐舌 After years and years moaning about this, I finally got my stylish Sony cyber-shot T77 and its HOT PINK!! AAAAAA惊讶, I can only hear myself screaming……
Look at her, how cute is that and ITS MINE now!! HAHA

She looks gogeours and works ace!

Thanks Honey! Happy Valentine’s Day!


p.s. 很土很真实的说眨眼

Fingers Cross for 2009, for ME

Posted: February 1, 2009 in 朝花夕拾
刚刚递交的T1居然填错了一个section, 条件也是在打擦边球,真不知道HO在这个非常时刻会怎么宣判……
一切都不敢轻举妄动的计划,似乎眼前的一片黑暗弄的我手忙脚乱,New York, Italy, Pairs, etc,一切都离我无比的遥远……
Fingers Cross for 2009 for myself……I can do nothing but wait, and I hate this kinda feeling, its out of your control!!