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York Trip

Posted: June 29, 2008 in 玩转地球

York is one of England’s most popular Historic Cities and York Minster is the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe.

York City Centre is contained inside large compact walls, gates are provided for entrance to the city. Within these walls there are Georgian, Medieval and Victorian streets, nearly all the shops in these streets are set in one of the above themes. York has kept almost all of its ancient features this is one of the reasons it is so popular.




On 14th of June, 2008 I have been invited to Shell Highland Games & Charity Challenge. This is my first time to be involved into the tranditional Scotlish Games. I was very excited. Thanks Vicky, but next year, I will definitely join this again as a part of WG! And hopefully, we can get a nice weather, at least not raining!!
The games include:
1.Tug o’ War — I need to say well done to all my team members, as we got into Qualfier!! weeeeee, well, although, we did not win the finals, but we did try our best!
2. Men Long Jump
3.Ladies Shot Putt
4.Landies Long Jump
5.Mens Shot Putt
6.100m Heats — Sean won the first place, and nearly a mile faster than the second, well done!
7. Other Challenges & Team Work
There were serval competing companies like: NHS, WG, Shell, Hess, RBS, BP, Subsea7, Deloitte, First, PSN, PWC, City Council, etc. In the Team Work Challenges section, we did beat some of these companies. Anyway, It was really fun to be part of it, and also I was very enjoy the BBQ after the games. lol
See me next year!


Posted: June 13, 2008 in 余音乐坊
Anime Songs of Our Childhood
01. おしえて – 阿尔卑斯山的少女海蒂 OP
02. まっててごらん – 阿尔卑斯山的少女海蒂 ED
03. Barbapapa – 巴巴爸爸 OP
04. Challenge of the Gobots – 百变雄狮 OP
05. Transformers – 变形金刚 OP
06. Bravestar – 布雷斯塔警长 OP
07. とんちんかんちん一休さん – 聪明的一休 OP
08. Popeye the Sailor Man – 大力水手 OP
09. Denver, the Last Dinosaur – 丹佛,最后的恐龙 OP
10. She-Ra Princess of Power – 非凡的公主希瑞 OP
11. Pink Panther – 粉红豹 OP
12. Count Duckula – 怪鸭历险记 OP
13. The Snorks – 海底小精灵 OP
14. 花の子ルンルン – 花仙子 OP
15. 女の子って – 花仙子 ED
16. The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin – 华斯比历险记 OP
17. ドラえもんのうた – 机器猫(叮当) OP
18. 青い空はポケットさ – 机器猫(叮当) ED
19. 恐竜戦隊コセイドン – 恐龙特急克塞号 OP
20. The Smurfs – 蓝精灵
21. Wood Walker – 罗宾汉大冒险 OP
22. 星空のラビリンス – 罗宾汉大冒险 ED
23. Spiral Zone – 螺旋地带 OP
24. Macron 1 – 麦克瑞一号(星球大战) OP
25. Macron 1 – 麦克瑞一号(星球大战) 中文OP
26. Tom and Jerry – 猫和老鼠 OP
27. さあ歩きはじめよう – 咪咪流浪记 OP
28. Samurai Heart – 魔神传斗士(铠传) OP
29. Faraway – 魔神传斗士(铠传) ED
30. Step – 魔神英雄传 OP
31. achi-achiアドベンチャー – 魔神英雄传 ED
32. Step by Step – 魔神英雄传2 OP
33. 君に止まらない~My Girl, My Love – 魔神英雄传2 ED
34. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 忍者神龟 OP
35. 夢冒険 – 三个火枪手 OP
36. Dream·Dreamer – 森林好小子 OP
37. Inspector Gadget – 神探加杰特 OP
38. ペガサス幻想 – 圣斗士星矢 OP
39. ROBOTECH Opening – 太空堡垒 OP
40. ROBOTECH Ending – 太空堡垒 ED
41. Don Quijote de La Mancha – 堂·吉诃德 OP
42. Shining Soul – 天空战记 OP
43. 砂尘の迷図 – 天空战记 ED
44. 鉄腕アトム – 铁臂阿童木 OP
45. GO!GO!トリトン! – 小飞龙(海王子) OP
46. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – 宇宙的巨人希曼 OP
47. 恋人が宇宙人なら – 宇宙小毛球 ED
48. Voltron, Defender oh the Universe – 战神金刚(百兽王) OP
49. Voltron, Defender oh the Universe – 战神金刚(百兽王) 中文OP